Top smartphones with 5 inch screens

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Today we are going to have a look at smartphones with 5 inch screens and some companies which offer smart phones with 5 inches screens .Coming to this article, why we are talking about 5 inches of screen is because it looks pretty good, comfortable to run apps, can play videos with prefect resolution in HD which feels good to our eye, will carry more features and simple to carry like it neither seems too big nor huge, it is perfect phone to use with 5 inches screens. It is neither Phone nor Tablet infact it is a Phablet.

Coming to this 5 inch screens smartphones cum Phablets  ,we can see  many companies offering such phones which are –

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  • Zync
  • Intex
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Micromax
  • Spice
  • Wicked
  • Spice
  • Iball


[box]5 inch Screen Smartphones cum Phablets[/box]

Zync is the one of the communication company offering to two types of smart phones within 5inches,

One of them is zync cloud z5 single core phablet – it comes with exact 5inches of screen at TFT LCD touch screen and other feathers are Dual sim with both gsm, Dual camera both front and back( back with 8mp and front with 0.3 )as common ,  Bluetooth v2.0, 3G, wifi. OS is android 4.0 inch with 1Ghz processor and memory up to 32gb expandable. 4 GB ROM Internal Memory, RAM : 512 MB DDR3.



Zync cloud Z5 5 inch android smartphone


Second one is zync cloud z5 Dual core phablet – it comes with all above mentioned features for zync cloud Z5 but Processor is changed – it is Dual core that means it will directly effect the processing speed.

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zync cloud z5 Dual core phablet

zync cloud z5 Dual core phablet

Intex is also offering a new range of smart phones with 5 inch screens ,that is Intex Aqua 5 android mobile phone, it also having same feather like zync but screen is full CTP touch screen ,coming to the MP of cam – (front cam is 1.3mp and back one 5mp).Other feather is it have its own mobile tracker support. Internally it has2GB memory and 512MB of RAM.

Intext Aqua 5 inch Smartphone Phablet

Intex Aqua 5 inch Smartphone Phablet

Now let’s take Lenovo – well it offers amazing brand new 5″ inch screen android phones called Lenovo s880 and Lenovo k860. Lenovo s880 is also having same feather like above Intex aqua – 5 inch TFT touch screen, dual cam with 5mp at back and vga at front and 4gb internal memory with 512 mb ram. However it’s Internal memory is expandable up to 32gb.

Lenovo S880 5 inch screen smartphone

Lenovo S880 5 inch screen smartphone

On the otherhand Lenovo k860 comes with powerful 1 GB ram and cam is 8 MP at back and 1.3 at front remaining specs are same as Lenova s880.

Lenovo S860 5 inch screen smartphone

Lenovo S860 5 inch screen smartphone

From Samsung – Two  phones are released to market at the time of writing this article – one is Samsung galaxy note N7000 which is comes around the smartphones with screen size around 5 inch actually it comes up with 5.3 inches of AMOLED display and another is Samsung galaxy note II N7100 with 5.55 inches of super Amoled touch screen. well we take both this phones in phablet category because there screen size is little more than 5 inch.

Now let’s come to specs – Note N7000 comes with android 2.3 OS with 1.4 Ghz processor and dual cam of 8mp back and 2mp at front,16 Gb of internal memory, multimedia desktop dock and expandable memory up to 32gb.

Samsung galaxy note N7000-5.3inch-screen

Samsung galaxy note N7000-5.3inch-screen


Samsung Note II N7100 comes up with latest android 4.1 jellybean OS with powerful 1.6 Ghz processor, cam front 1.9 mp and back 8 mp and other are same features as wifi,3g etc., new in this thing is A-GPS with Glonass Support and it memory can be expandable up to 64gb.

[box type=”note”]well theortically –  Glonass support is Like GPS, and GLONASS is a satellite-based positioning system. It stands for Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema and is currently owned and maintained by the Russian Space Forces and nowadays many mobile companies are implementing this technology in smartphones for better GPS system.[/box]

Well there are many other smartphones that comes in 5 inch smartphones cum phablets list such as – LG optimus vu p895, wicked leak horizon, spice stellar horizon MI-500, htc J butterfly, iball Andi 5c. we will share all these in our next post.

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