Tips to increase Windows 7 Performance and speed up your PC

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Windows 7 was designed by Microsoft to unleash the best of your PC and it was found to be faster than its predecessor Windows Vista. No matter how much they have optimized windows 7 for performance, there are still many people searching for methods to increase windows 7 speed and get a better performance out of their PC. We all know that very well that as a computer becomes old, its performance and response time declines.


I recommend you to read the below given minimum system requirement to run Windows 7 fluently.

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Processor: 1 GHz or more (32bit or 64bit)
  • RAM: 1GB recommended to run 32bit version of Windows 7 and 2GB is recommended to run the 64bit version.
  • Storage: 16GB of HDD space to install the 32 bit version and 20GB of space for installing the 64bit version.
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 supporting graphics and 128MB of memory (for aero interface)


So, if your PC possesses the above given hardware configuration but still you are having problems with your PC then I recommend that you read this guide to speed up your computer and boost windows speed and get better performance.

[box type=”note”]Optimizing the Hard Disk[/box]

Optimize Drives

Your Hard Disk Drive plays a crucial role to speed up computer. So if you want to increase windows 7 speed and performance then you should first optimize your HDD.

[box type=”note”]Disable Search Indexing[/box]

Disabling the search indexing feature in Windows 7 will result in an increased loading time of your Files and folders when you browse through them.

To disable the search indexing option follow the given below steps:

1. Hold the ‘Windows logo key’ and press ‘R’ and this will open the Run Window. Type ‘services.msc’ in it and press OK.

Windows Logo Key

2. Now in the Window that opens there is a list of some kind. In that list Search for ‘Windows Search’ and right click on it and select ‘Properties’.

3. In the Window that opens now, find ‘Startup type:’ and against it in the drop-down menu select ‘Disabled’. Like in the picture below.

Windows Search Properties

4. Now click on ‘Apply’ and then click on ‘OK’.

[box type=”note”]Cleaning the Junk Files[/box]

There must be plenty of files and folders in your PC that are no use to you or the Windows 7 Operating System. Sometimes the user doesn’t even know that a large fraction of their Hard-Drive is filled up with waste and garbage files. One should delete these files regularly to optimize Windows Speed and keep their PC healthy.

I recommend that you use software called ‘CCleaner’ by Piriform to delete all kind unnecessary stuff on your Hard-Drive. CCleaner is the best tool available to clean Windows PCs.You can download CCleaner from there official website

[box type=”note”]Defragmentation[/box]

Defragmentation of your Hard-Drive can also help in boosting your Windows 7 performance.

Windows 7 has got an inbuilt Drive optimization tool that allows the users to easily Defragment their Hard-Drives.

To defragment your Hard Drive,follow the steps given below:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Right Click on a Local Drive and select ‘Properties’.
  • Now select the ‘Tools’ tab and there is an ‘Optimize’ button. Click on it. Now select all the drives listed and click on ‘Optimize all’.


The defragmentation process can take several minutes or may be an hour depending on how much defragmented your Hard-Drive is.

[box type=”note”]Fix Registry Errors[/box]

The Windows Registry is kind of a database that stores configuration setting and information regarding programs on the Windows Operating System. As the registry becomes older it becomes the home for errors. So I advise you to regularly fix the errors of your Windows Registry.

You can use the CCleaner software that I have already mentioned in this article. CCleaner can also fix registry errors with ease.

[box type=”note”]Remove unwanted Programs[/box]

You install software on your PC and use it for a while but later when you don’t have any need of using it; you just forget it and leave it as it is on your PC. That results in the decline of overall system performance. So I recommend that you uninstall all the unnecessary programs installed on you PC to boost your Windows 7 performance and increase your PC speed.

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