Tips to increase window XP Performance and speed up your PC

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In our Previous Post we shared the Tips to increase the Performance of  Window 7 and speeding up your PC and In the Post we are going to share the Tips for boosting the Performance of WINDOW XP. If you do not maintain your Windows XP PC regularly then there are full chances of your PC becoming slow and start filling the screen with error boxes. As the time passes your PC becomes slower and slower and therefore it causes several problems. You can make sure that you get the best performance out of Windows XP by following this simple yet effective guide.

[box]Tips to Increase Window XP Performance[/box]

[box type=”note”]1. Clean the Registry[/box]

All the information regarding system settings and program configurations are saved in Windows Registry that is a database in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. So, as the time passes the registry gets filled up with waste entries and in turn it slows your PC. So, by fixing the registry errors you can check your PC for better performance.

I recommend using freeware software called CCleaner by Piriform for fixing the registry errors. CCleaner allows you to make Registry backups and fix the issues. It is very simple to use and is available for a free download here.

[box type=”note”]2. Clean PC from Viruses and Spywares[/box]

Viruses and Spywares are a big cause of PC slowdownS. These programs keep running in the background and consume a large amount of your Processor speed along with eating a big fraction of your RAM. To boost your PC for performance you have to get rid of these Viruses, Spywares and other Malwares that might be installed on your PC without your knowledge.

[box type=”alert”]Follow the given below steps to get Rid of Viruses and Spywares.[/box]

  1. Install a good Antivirus on your PC that can clean your PC from Malware.
  2. Do not install unnecessary programs on your PC.
  3. Scan your PC for Malware regularly.
  4. Download files from trusted websites only.
  5. Uninstall the software that is no use to you.

So by following the above given steps you can boost your Windows XP performance and get the best user experience from your PC.

[box type=”note”]3. Delete waste and temporary files[/box]

In windows XP having your Hard-Drive filled up with junk files that are no use to you or your PC is a reason behind system slowdown and increased boot-up time. You can use a pretty good Disk Cleanup program that available in Windows XP pre-installed.

To use the Disk Cleanup utility on Windows XP follow the following steps.

  1. Press and hold Windows Logo key and then press “R”. This will open RUN utility for opening programs in Windows XP.
  2. Now type in “cleanmgr.exe” and press enter.
  3. This will open up the Disk Cleanup utility. Now select a Drive and press Enter. This can take several minutes or may be hours to finish if you have never done this ever before.



After using the Disk Cleanup utility your Hard-Drive will be free from unnecessary files and folders that were eating up the space.

As I have already mentioned about CCleaner. You can use CCleaner for cleaning up waste files on Windows XP.

[box type=”note”]4. Defragment your Hard-Drive[/box]

Defragmenting your Hard-drive will result in increased loading time.

To defragment your Hard-Drive on Windows XP follow the given below steps.

  1. Press and hold Windows Logo key and then press “R”. This will open RUN utility for opening programs in Windows XP.
  2. Now type in “dfrg.msc” and press Enter.
  3. Select all the Drives and click on “Defragment” to start the Defragmentation processes.


[box type=”note”]5Remove unwanted programs from loading on Windows Start-up.[/box]

It is a common issue that many programs get started along with Windows every time the Windows Starts. Some of those programs are not necessary to be loaded so you can remove them and increase the boot time of your Windows XP.

You can use CCleaner to remove unwanted programs from loading with Windows XP on start-up.

 If you have followed the above stated steps correctly then you will notice an increased performance on your Windows XP PC.


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