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In its recent Annual Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) held In San Francisco on 10th June, Apple has announced its release of much expected iOS7 coming this year in falls. With the recent user attracting updates in Android world, Apple has declared to release this highly featured latest version to serve as a platform for iPhone 4 and up, iPod touch(Fifth generation),  iPad mini, iPad 2 and up and users. With new flat design, iOS7 also includes few new features like iTunes Radio, control centre, Airdrop and well improved multi-tasking. Let’s have a quick look at its features.


Design of iOS7:

The all new Renewed Update is more like a Beautiful Union of Software and hardware. It has tried to create the simplicity in design with a flat retained look. Not too much details are provided with the multilayered translucent screens. Brushing off all unnecessary bars and buttons, it has been designed to be more user friendly. The interface is made to give much simple to use and more enjoyable experience.

Functions And Apps of iOS7:

1)Control System:

Using iOS has been quite annoying for always reason behind even most frequently used settings are only available in settings app. But with a swipe from bottom to upwards, this new feature of iOS7 allows you to use and change your most frequently used settings and other controls like WI-FI, Flight mode, flashlight, camera, calculator and new features like Airdrop and Airplay.
The best of it you can access control centre even with locked screen! This saves user from roaming through specialized designed lock pad.


This integrated app of iOS7 is quite filmic but makes the user-interface connection more natural. This is a spirited and lively app which makes checking weather like checking out of window. With marvelous effects this Dynamic animated 3D app gives you the hail, fog , storm clouds(even with a flash of lightning) all on your screen!


iOS7 has this very new awesome file sharing app which allows you to share any music, photo contacts or any other media file with just a tap!
Just tap on Share on the file you are viewing and then select the person that you want to send the file and that’s it! All it asks is Either Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connectivity. No setup
is required.

Making yourself visible to all or none on Airdrop is in your own control. You can make yourself invisible with just a tap. Automatically you are visible to all your contacts running on iOS7. This feature works for only these ‘-iDevices’
iPad(4th generation), iPhone5, iPad mini or iPad touch(5th generation)


4)iTunes Radio:

This built-in music feature app of iOS7 lets you enjoy the more music by recommending and featuring  stations inspired by your listened music or the music that you have downloaded. It makes it easy for you to buy the music of your choice by allowing you to hear and adding it to your wish list. Choose any artist, album or genre of your choice and build a station around it, add more and more music in this station. This feature not only shows all the music stored in your device as well as available on iTunes. available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC,iPod touch and Apple TV for free!
but in initial stage this app is Available in US only.

5) Multi-Tasking:

With a thumbnail preview of all running apps along with their icons under them, iOS7 has been redesigned with horizontal scroll bar for preview of all running apps and upward swipe to quit any of it app. The New and neat look provides intelligent update scheduling which enhances the battery time.

6) Notification Center:

iOS7 coming  with a common pull down from any screen, notification centre comprises of a new feature along with usual features called, Today which sums up all of your notifications about today, whether its weather, appointment, or birthday reminder. You will even get a heads-up of tomorrow notifications. Other than which, you can see your all and missed views that lets you check your all or views that have not been addressed in 24 hours.
The best update of Notification center is, you can access it even with locked screen!

7) Camera:

New iOS7 have controls of camera which have been redesigned, with a new square shooting format with a horizontal swipe. You can also apply a number of Live Filters after taking a photo or even before clicking to check your photo with different effects applied on it with just a swipe. You can Also even remove any used filter later.



8) Photos:

Using iOS7,there is no need to go through a mammoth collection. Access to your photos is going to be much quicker and easier in an interesting new way with the introduction of new elements- years, collections and moments.
These elements group your photos and videos smartly based on time and year. Tap ‘years’ and all the photos from all the years will show up on your screen. Each year holds a number of collections. Tap ‘collections’ for Example College. Each collection contains a number of moments. Tap on any ‘moment’ for example ‘first day’ , you’will see all your photos from that period of time. A default album panorama photos has also been introduced.
Now you can also share your photos with friends by creating a shared photo stream via iCloud photo sharing. This new app of iOS7 can post comments, photos or videos on your stream.

9) Safari:

In all new iOS7 Safari has gained some real useful overhaul. There is a Unified text field for both URL and search that gives you more space on the screen. While typing and searching, book marks , Automatic suggestions will help your way. In iOS7, there is no limit of preview tabs, you can open as much tabs as you want at a time. It also supports iCloud keychain, which automatically fills up your account names and passwords for online purchasing or other works and It is completely secure. Moreover, a private button to enable ‘do not track me’ service is available on the screen for each website, which was previously available in settings for every website.

10) Siri:

In new iOS7 – Siri, gets also updated with new male and female voices in English, German, and French.
It will feature and perform a number of new commands and tasks like, returning calls, brightness of the display, controlling iTunes radio, turn-on Bluetooth, voice mails and many more. This update version of Siri will try to answer you by searching from Bing, Wikipedia search engines and Twitter.

11) iOS App Store:

A new feature, Apps Near me,  suggests you the most relevant apps around that place. The major update in Apps store is the removal of the annoying red badge because Apps will get automatically updated in the background.

12) Find my iPhone:

A new safety feature that requires your Apple ID and password would not let anyone to use your iPhone, or at worse if it’s stolen. A message will be displayed on your iPhone after Remote Erase, Unique ID and password combination will be required to reactivate it.

13) iOs in the Car:

This amazing feature of iOS7 allows the car manufacturing companies to integrate the screen with iOS7. Any i-Device can be connected to that car using built in display and controls or siri eyes. You can easily get access to phone Calls, music, text messages without taking a look on you device.
This provides more safety on road.

Release date of iOS7:

The beta Version of iOS7 is available iPhones now! And iPad version will get released in few weeks. Whereas the final version has been announced to come in “falls”, as there was no final word announced for Releasing date. Hopefully in the nick of time for iPhone6, iPad5 and upcoming versions.

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