Best TV streaming devices you can carry anywhere

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Hello, users welcome back once again. Today we can see about best TV streaming devices which are portable to carry anywhere you want. One the days go on the people become so busy, according to the people usage and needs the companies started to produce more number of products which are potable and easy to carry. People show more interest mainly on computer, TV’s and phones. In this TV is the important thing, for this some companies designed streaming devices for TV and it can active in any place. We can see some top companies which offer these streaming devices

TV Streaming Devices

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  • Apple
  • Slingbox
  • Roku
  • Google tv
  • Boxee
  • WD
  • Asus
  • Netgear
  • Simple tv
  • Vizio co-star
  • LG
  • D-Link
  • Tivo


TV streaming devices features:

Roku TV Streaming

1.ROKU : Roku is a device which provides streaming, in this we can view more than 700 channels and hundreds of movies which you want to see. Roku now available in market at from $49 to $100, which is easy to use and no pc is required it connects easily to TV and wireless network like wifi at your place and it is ready for streaming and it does not charges monthly fee too.

Apple TV

2. Apple TV : Apple comes with apple TV, which as same features as roku, but it can access that much channels but is as its own feature like it directly access iTunes from your pc. It also support airplay from all apple goods or products. Its look is so cute and mini. Its starting price is from $100 USD.

Google TV

3. Google TV : Google is another company offering this streaming , why we don’t call it streaming device because it is just like a open source software like OS of mobiles, android. It should be purchased along with other devices like TVs, blue ray player it will be installed in that devices. Google TV offer some features like –

  • Live tv
  • Google search
  • Tv
  • Movies
  • Browsing on chrome
  • YouTube
  • Google play


4. Boxee : Boxee is another good company which is also providing this streaming it can access without a cable subscription. It’s a DVR. It offers free channels and also even using antenna. Its prices starts at $100 USD, this gives some additional feature to your theatre setup. It provides all your favourite channels for free and you can use unlimited DVR service for $ 14.99 USD per a month.

LG Smart TV Upgrader

5. LG Smart TV Upgrader : LG provides a LG smart TV upgrader, which is suitable to all smart TV . This can access apps like YouTube, cinema now, web browsing etc., with wifi, DLNA, and HDMI output. Its product code is LG smart TV upgrader ST600, its price is $129.99.

well we do like to add some more Best TV streaming devices by which you can watch TV in a smart way such as – Slingbox, WD , Asus, Netgear , Simple tv, Vizio co-star, D-Link ,Tivo are some best streaming devices in world gives best experience in vision on hd.

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