Best GSM DataCards for high speed Internet

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Today there are lots of Datacards available in the market but it’s actually very difficult for us to choose best datacard from the market – which one is Good in terms of Speed and Stability – as lots of options are available so we got confused. So today for all those people who are looking for Best GSM Data card in India we made search – and after doing lots of research on many big tech giant sites and as per many user reviews – we come to find 5 best Data card Modems which runs at very good speed.

best-5-Data Cards


Before proceeding to other top and best Data cards for high-speed internet, We are adding a newly launched Datacard in our Top data card list.

Intex 3G V7.2 Data Card


Type: USB Device

Connectivity Speed: 7.2 Mbps


Best Datacards for High Speed Internet

  1. Huawei
  2. Micromax
  3. Iball
  4. D-link
  5. Intex

1. Huawei – Huawei is the one of the best company in data cards. In Huawei there are many series of data cards like Huawei E303c, Huawei E355(wi-fi dongle), Huawei E369 (HiMini) etc.,. Coming to Huawei E303c – this dongle comes with cloud + drive support, gives you free storage up to 2 GB. This data card supports HSUPA, HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS also. This Data card has micro SD which supports up to 32 GB. Huawei comes with balong chipset and USB 2.0 compatibility. This chipset supports voice calls which is another amazing feature.


It work with both 2 G and 3G  network with better coverage , it supports voice calls and comes in format of USB stick, sim can be GSM or WCDMA and it supports new internet protocols. This modem supports DL speeds of 7.2 Mbps.
Its price is Rs.1650/-

Price of other Popular Huawei Models :

  • huawei E355(wifi dongle) price is Rs. 3050/-
  • huawei E369 (HiMini) price is Rs. 4250/-
  • Huawei E3131B price is Rs. 2193/-
  • Huawei E303C (Hi-Link) price is Rs. 1894/-

2. Micromax – Micromax is  a one of the largest commutation company. It also launches a many series of data cards like micromax MMX 353G, micromax 400R, micromax 352G, micromax 355G, micromax MMX144F, Micromax 300C, Micromax MMX 310C . Its connecting speed is 7.2mbps and supports phonebook and voice calls. It comes with inbuilt Google Chrome offline installer.

Prices starts at Rs.1560/-

 3. Iball – iBall haw also launches a new data card series – for high-speed internet users with name iBall 3.5G Wireless Modem Data Card. Iball is compatible with 2G, 3G Network and supports phonebook, sms and voice calls. Auto installation is special feature of this data card.

iball 3.5G connect

Prices starts at Rs.1530/-


4. D-link – D- link is a common name we listen in tele communications which provides equipments to solve the needs of the communication industries. It is recently comes with name D-Link DWM-156 Datacard HSUPA 3.75G which is performing great as per many user reviews. It supports Micro sd up to 32 GB.

Prices starts at Rs.1742/-

5.Intex – Intex is one another company which in leading on outer computer parts like keyboard, mouse etc.,  it also has a data card called intex 3G V 7.2 wireless data card. It supports Micro SD upto 16 GB.

Prices starts at Rs.1800/-

So, friend’s here we shared the almost all popular best datacard companies which are providing best datacards in the market. If you want to add more then do tell us in comments.

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