Google partners with Micromax, Spice and Karbonn to launch Android One Smartphones in India

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Google has eyed to make the Android smartphones reachable to every user around the globe. Company’s latest endeavor to increase the Android users is presented by Android One program, under which Google is set to partner with the local mobile manufacturers of potential markets to provide the low cost

Users didn’t like the creepy psychological experiment attack of Facebook

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A psychological experiment carried out by the Facebook Company and two universities is facing the harsh reception from worldwide Facebook users; as they accuse the prominent social network company to toy with their emotions. The US Tech. firm altered the news feed of more than 700,000 Facebook users as

Google scraps Quickoffice on iOS and Android devices to integrate with Drive Service

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Along with all the glorifying announcements of new products and new updates of softwares that Google made last week in Annual Google I/O conference last week in San Francisco, the company also quietly announced the stoppage employed in the development of Quickoffice. Company also stated that it will soon

Top 10 Mobile Phones 2014

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With more and more smartphones coming to the market making competition tougher for pre-existing models, it seems to be absolutely baffling situation to select the best pick out of the heap. To make the situation a little bit clearer; out of uncountable herd of Smartphones available in the market,

The capabilities of the Android Wear with tips and tricks: all at one place!

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  The has started to take the pre-orders of the first ever Android Smartwatches from the same day that it launched them, however, the first date of shipment is decided to be July 7, which means this is the perfect idea to talk about the features and capabilities of

YouTube is all set to bring out 48fps and 60fps playback options in upcoming months, launched Creator Studio App

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Google’s video sharing website YouTube is all set to bring out a new way for its viewers to view the video gaming footage-the site is all set to unfold a new experience of 48 fps and 60 fps playback feature in upcoming months. Google has also launched the YouTube

Boston introduces Soofas- The built in Solar Panel park-bench; Recharge you phone in the park now!

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Soofas… That’s the name given to the first time ever introduced concept benches which would have built-in solar panels, which will be make available in the public parks of Boston. You may wonder why not call them smart benches after they will know what are they capable of. The

Apple’s new TV advertisement of iPhone 5S embraces about the novel era of future apps and iOS 8

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    Apple has launched another TV advertisement on Parenthood in the “With the power of iPhone 5s, you’re more powerful than you think.” Series. In this advertisement the company has tried to reflect the usability of their flagship Smartphone; iPhone 5S, in nourishment and development of a kid,

How to get better Alexa Rank Quickly?

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If you’re running a website or if it’s a niche block, then you must know what Alexa is. Many webmasters give more important to the Alexa Rank, after Google Page Rank. You won’t believe that many of them judge your website/ blog by just seeing your Alexa Rank, nothing

Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

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Business Promotion with Social Networking:   Social networking is all about interactions. This is one effective device to propagate the information about your business. Your job is to motivate and motivate your present friends-customers to keep good feedback. This feedback will be distributed to their relative. Now a day’s