Microsoft’s official “Goodbye” to Windows XP

Putting it straight, if you are still using one of those old computers that run on Windows XP OS, then its time… It’s time of Windows XP apocalypse! I can understand that you may have a lot of feelings for your old computers and I understand it’s not easy to

Thermodo: Converts your Smartphone into a thermometer instantly!

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Recently, Smartphone application developers and researchers have developed a heat measuring device; “Thermodo”, which can measure the heat of the place where you stand in an instant after plugging it into your Smartphone. In the world full of Smartphone apps, there are limitless apps that offer you current weather

Latest Model of HTC One Released: HTC One M8 with improved features

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HTC has updated their most reliable flagship smartphone; HTC One by giving it better software, larger screen and “easier-to-use-Camera”. The new Smartphone will be equipped with the screen measuring 5 inches diagonally, with an increment of 0.3 inches from last year’s model. It will also comprise software improvements, designed

Top 8 Communication Apps of 2014 for Android devices

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The best thing about Android is that, it allows developers to develop more and more apps freely.  That’s one of the reasons why there is overflow off apps whether it comes to Entertainment Apps, News Apps, Security Apps and much more. In this post, I have tried to roll

Apple Releases iOS 7.1 with fixed bugs and new features for iPhones and iPads

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Apple has released the latest version of its Mobile Operating System for Tablets and Smartphones, iOS 7.1. The latest version was ready to downloaded and use on Monday, March 10, 2014; just after one week short of six months of the release of its ultra version, iOS 7. The

How to make free PC to Phone calls using Google Voice

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Google Voice is one of the primarily used VoIP service provider used globally. Formerly named as GrandCentral, Google Voice is not only a VoIP service, it does a lot more than you expect. Instead of earning tag of “internet calling service” only, it also serves as a phone number

How to make free calls to Canada and USA

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With the help of VoIP, calling on internet has become so much easy that there is a flood of VoIP service providers available all over the internet. Calling from PC to PC is available all over the world for free. But there are few service providers that let you

How to make Free PC to Phone Calls with iCall

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iCall is one of the most prominently used software available on the internet for making free calls. iCall is used to make free calls from PC to phone internationally, Once you download the software, all you have to do is login! This post will show you insight on how

Top 5 Android Smartphones of 2014 under $350

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The best thing about Android Smartphones is its versatility and its price range. This makes every Smartphone user able to tryout this OS. In our previous posts, we have talked about 5 Best Android Smartphones in low and midway ranges. But, for those prospective buyers who are interested to

Get an iPhone at 1,000 INR for two weeks: Apple India

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Apple has finally grasped the fact that; to top the iPhone sales charts all over the world, world’s second largest Smartphone selling market, India must be taken into prime consideration. That’s why Apple India has decided to build its market among the Smartphone enthusiasts of India, by offering them