How to Write Compelling Tweets

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Twitter has evolved into one of the most used social networks, even preferred by some over Facebook. With the ability to upload pictures, interact with celebrities, and create interesting messages in 140 characters and under, Twitter has really found its niche in the social networking world. In some ways

Should You Automate Your Tweets?

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Twitter is a great platform for communicating. Regardless of the 140 character limit, many people find that less is more when it comes to words. Authors can learn a lot from this. Not only are people sharing experiences but they are also sharing minds: through memes (hashtags) and trending

Top 10 Tricks To Increase Internet Speed In Android Mobile

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Internet has become the most deadly habit of human. And in this era everyone would like to use fast internet service at any location. So the best way is to use the mobile with android which gives fast operating. But we have to get such internet connection which would

Top 5 Best Tricks To Make Your Mobile Unreachable

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Due to some circumstances we don’t want to listen someone but the person is important to us. What should we do? The best way is to make our mobile not reachable. May be your mobile is the one device to contact with them and your mind doesn’t permit you

Best Software to Record Your Screen

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Screen recording is the best process to save the live works on your system. This could help you to share your ideas like playing games, working on live project and etc. which would help someone to learn the process you have operated. These are mostly used in Modern educational

Top 10 best ways to Track your stolen phone

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Have you lost your mobile? Then don’t lose time. Here are some of the tricks to find your stolen phone. 10 Best Ways to track and find Your Lost Phone:   1. IMEI number is the most useful weapon to find the stolen phone. First of all you have to


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IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This is only way to find your lost mobile. IMEI is a unique identity of your mobile. Let us know some way to trace the lost mobile with IMEI number. 1- First step is to get the IMEI number of the lost mobile

How To Hide Your Facebook Status From Certain People & Friends

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If you don’t like to share anything with someone or the information you share on Facebook are much dangerous to be known by anyone then what should you do? You would like to keep this information hidden. How this can be done in Facebook? Come with me I will

What to Do When Cell Phone Falls in Water?

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Is your cell phone fallen in water? Would you like to know how you could repair it? How could you give the first aid to your mobile when it sinks in water? Don’t be upset. Come with us. We have all answer for your questions. Some steps to be

How To Enable or Disable New Gmail Tabbed Inbox?

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How To Enable or Disable New Gmail Tabbed Inbox? It is not a hard process to enable or disable new Gmail tabbed in box. Gmail has started a new system of tabbed inbox. It is one of the best processes of keeping the message received by the Gmail. It